What is is a platform where you can buy authentic software / game/ steam keys. Having a registered account is necessary to buy on "".

How do I register?

In order to register an account on, you have to click the Login button. There you will get Sign Up option where you need to enter your name, email address, password and mobile number. As an alternative way of signing up, you can use your Facebook, Google+ account.

What should I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot the password of your account, you can press "Forgot password" and follow the instructions to restore it. "Forgot password" option can be found on the login page.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept the most popular payment methods PayPal, credit and debit cards. We are continually working on expanding our list of accepted payment methods.

How can I change the currency displayed on the store?

We are sorry. You can't change the currency of the store at the moment.


How can Techno Dynamite offer very lowest price in the market?

We are an official partner / reseller for the products we are dealing. Merchant discount and Bulk purchase help us to offer all the products in very lowest price.

Can I get more discount?
You may be an End User (buyer) or a reseller. Our pricing is transparent for both of you. If you purchase 5 or more quantity of a product, then we can give you some more discount. In this case, you need to contact us before you purchasing the


How can I verify that the software key I purchased from Techno Dynamite is genuine?

You are liable to get official support from the software vender for purchased keys. It ensures that you have purchased genuine and authentic product.

Is it safe to make transactions on Techno Dynamite?
Techno Dynamite uses SSL for general browsing. SSL encryption means your data will be encrypted when you are on the store or browsing the products.
Our Payment Gateway automatically encrypt your confidential information's using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (This is the highest level of security commercially available now).
Is it safe to enter my Billing Information on Techno Dynamite Store?

The contact information is necessary for billing and order management. If we are not able to deliver the order by Email (Delivery Failure), we will contact you via phone for an alternate email address where we can fulfil your request. Apart from this, we DO NOT use your contact information for any other purpose. You will only receive occasional updates from us to your email.


How long will it take to get the product key?

You can get the software keys within 24 hours once you made the payment. Please make sure that your account is registered using a valid email address and mobile number. Check your spam folder before contacting us regarding delivery.

Where Can I find my License Key?
You can find the key in your "Techno Dynamite" account by accessing the orders section.
You will receive the key through email also. Check your spam folder in case the email reached there.
If you are using an office email with storage space restriction, make sure you have enough free space to receive new emails before you place the order.
So, in any case, if you have not received the email, please do not panic — You can contact us and provide an alternate email
When can I get the box pack / CD pack / Media?

At the moment, we are selling software keys only which is considered as digital deliverable goods. Delivering the keys through email is fast and secure. We don't use physical shipping since we never send box pack / CD pack / Media.

I have mistyped my Email while placing the order, what can I do now?

Do not worry. Just let us know, and we will make the necessary changes and manually send the delivery email to the correct ID.

Installation / Activation

Will I get the latest version of the software I buy?

You are only buying the license key to activate the software product. Any purchase you make is for the latest version of that software product other than it is mentioned. You can directly download the software from it's official website. For your convenience, we also include the download links in the order email.

Will the key work on my computer?

Always be sure to check the minimum requirements listed on the product's description page and in the Activation Details. For any technical problems such as bugs and/or black screens which are not related to the key itself, please refer to the FAQ on the developer's website.

The download link you gave me in email does not work. What can I do?

If this problem occurs, you can download the software directly from the developer website. Techno Dynamite only provides the download links for your assistance. The links in emails are the same as available on the official product websites.


Will I get product support for my purchase?

Yes. If there is an issue with placing order or making payment, please contact us to get support. If you need technical support like setting up and activating the software, please refer to the manual before contacting us. You are liable to get official support from the software vender as well.

How can I contact Customer Support?

You can contact our Customer Support by clicking HERE. Please avoid creating multiple tickets regarding the same issue. Submitting multiple tickets without our reply is not recommended, as this will most likely extend the response time. Alternatively, you can reach us at

Cancellation / Refund

How do I cancel an order that I don’t want anymore?

That depends on the current status of your order. Unpaid orders (Pending Payment) & Paid orders (Not Processed) can be cancelled. Unfortunately completed orders which is delivered can't be cancelled.

Does Techno Dynamite offer refund on purchase?
Strictly We Do Not offer refund once the license is delivered to the buyer. So, we strongly suggest you to download and test the trial software before placing your order. Trial software helps you to determine whether you like the features of the software, compatibility issues, etc. Once you are happy with the trial software, place your order. We are ready to provide our support during the entire validity period of the purchased license. Hence, you do not have to worry about it.
The License I received is not as described. What is next?

We can assure that the problem will never happen. You will receive the License Key as it is described. Please read the product description fully before you contact us. If you end up with error, don't get panic and "Contact Us" immediately. We will verify the same. If you are right, depending on your preference we will replace the key or refund the full amount.

My key is not working. What should I do?

Most importantly, make sure that you’re redeeming the key on the correct platform. Make sure that the product description doesn’t mention any restrictions that could affect the activation such as regional restrictions or other product limitations. If the key’s still not working, "Contact Us" with the screenshot.